KEH Stories: Sean Grieco

Here’s your insiders look into KEH Camera and the KEH team. Check out #KEHSpotlight each month where we’ll showcase team members. This month we interviewed Manager of Sales and Customer Loyalty, Sean Grieco. 

Hey Sean! Thanks for agreeing to share your background with our customers. To begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

Sure! My name is Sean Grieco, but most of the folks around the building, as well as our customers, call me Grieco. I am 34 years old, and have I’ve been selling cameras since I started as a sales associate with Wolf Camera here in Atlanta back in 2005.

How long have you been a KEH employee? What is your role(s) here at KEH and what does it entail?

I have been here at KEH for 7 years now. I am the Manager of Sales and Customer Loyalty, which also includes our phone purchasing team. I help my team manage our incoming customer contacts and try to do everything I can to make sure our customers have a great experience with KEH.

What is your favorite thing about your role here? How does your role support our vision/mission?

I really love the fact that I get to lead the team that is the “face” of KEH for most of our customers. Most of our customer base will only interact with KEH through our website and over the phones. I really enjoy knowing that what we do is a big part of what keeps those customers coming back to us over and over again.

The future of KEH is so bright! Share with us in on what you’re most excited about and how you continue to motivate your team?

We are constantly growing as a company, and we keep finding great people to help us keep growing. I think the most exciting thing to happen here at KEH in a long time is our new CEO Jon. He really helps motivate everyone in the building, and he brings a great attitude to the building. I think our great leadership team is something to be really excited about. They make things happen, listen to ideas, and do things to make KEH a better place, and this has motivated my team in ways that I couldn’t have imagined! I also make sure we have Krispy Kreme Donuts on Wednesday! Food is also a great motivator.

Here’s a fun question, if you could BE any camera what would you be and why?

Oh, that is an interesting question, and I had to think about it a little bit. If I could be ANY camera, I would want to be one of the 2 modified Hasselblad 500EL bodies that went to the moon on Apollo 11. One was modified for use inside of the landing module, the other was for use on the surface of the Moon. I think I’d prefer to have been the EVA body that went onto the surface of the moon because…well…it went to the MOON! That would be a really awesome experience in any form.

Do you have other special talents or hobbies?

I wouldn’t say I have any special talents, but I am a bit of a Sci-Fi fan, and I go to Dragon*Con here in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. It’s the Southeasts largest fan driven convention, and if you have any interest in any of the genre’s normally represented you should check it out!

Is there a quote/saying you live by?

I don’t know that I would say I live by them, but I have 2 that tend to answer most questions “42” and fits most situations “Don’t Panic”

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