KEH Camera Celebrates Earth Month: Planting Trees and Promoting Sustainability

The month of April marks Earth Month, a holiday to raise awareness of climate issues and support better environmental protection and practices. The highlight of the month is April 22, which is celebrated as Earth Day. During this special event, it’s important to acknowledge the need for sustainable practices in all areas of our lives. At KEH we are committed to doing our part to protect the environment and give back to our community. We believe in the importance of keeping the good going! Not just in supporting the circular economy buying and selling pre-owned camera gear, but in everything we do as a company. Through various initiatives and partnerships, we strive to promote sustainability and encourage others to do the same.

Efforts Toward Sustainability:

We’re true champions for sustainability. We’re proud that each item we buy and sell is one less piece in a landfill. Our circular life cycle helps to break up the pattern of constantly getting the newest gear and discarding something that still holds great value.

Buying used gear extends the usefulness of this pre-owned equipment beyond the reach of a single person. Through our involvement, cameras and lenses see more than one owner before retirement.  Buying used is better for your stories, your wallet, and your planet. By acknowledging the impact of our actions, we can make a change for the better, and taking care of our home is important to us.

Photo Credit Alex Scarrow

KEH is dedicated to going beyond our core of buying and selling pre-owned equipment and taking on greater responsibility for our environmental, social, and governance obligations (ESG). We are exploring the effects our operations have on climate and energy, as well as dangerous and harmful substances, risk control, diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavors, and more. We aim to be genuine supporters of sustainability by extending our focus beyond our primary business and considering every aspect of our influence and impact.

KEH Community Efforts: 

One of our recent initiatives was to volunteer as a team with some local organizations. In 2022 we launched our efforts by volunteering with Trees Atlanta. 

Photo Credit Alex Scarrow<br>Trees Atlanta Volunteer

Trees Atlanta is a non-profit organization that works to protect and improve the city’s urban forest. By planting trees, we not only contribute to the beautification of our community but also help to combat climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. They also purify our air and water, support wildlife, and improve our physical and mental well-being.

Through this partnership, we hope to inspire others to get involved in similar efforts in their communities.

Photo Credit Alex Scarrow<br>Trees Atlanta KEH Volunteers

In addition to our partnership with Trees Atlanta, we also work with Adopt-a-Mile, a program that encourages volunteers to clean up litter on one-mile stretches of roadway. Four times a year, KEH employees come together to clean up our adopted mile. This not only helps to keep our community clean but further prevents litter and other harmful pollutants from harming our ecosystem.

Photo Credit Kendrick Carter<br>Keep Smyrna Beautiful
Photo Credit Kendrick Carter<br>Keep Smyrna Beautiful

Keep the Good Going:

For us, sustainability is a year-round effort. Here are three tips photographers and anyone can do to continue giving back to their communities and promoting sustainability:

  1. Consider buying used camera gear from KEH to extend the lifespan of gear and support a company that prioritizes sustainability in manufacturing processes and materials we use. 
  2. Use your camera as a tool to capture the beauty of nature and wildlife, telling stories and inspiring others as a photographer.
  3. Choose more sustainable business practices, such as using digital contracts instead of paper, opting for eco-friendly packaging for products, and recycling batteries and other photography-related waste.

We hope to continue inspiring others to join us in making a difference. It only takes a few small steps to reduce our waste and its harmful effects on the environment. We can keep the good going all year long.

KEH team volunteering with Keep Smyrna Beautiful

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