Motherhood & Photography: Continuing the Story Through Children

There are some who are tasked with photographing the beauty of motherhood through newborn shoots, maternity shoots, and family portraits and then, there are those who have the pleasure of photographing motherhood while also experiencing it for themselves. Being a mother is one of the greatest human gifts. What a treat it is to intimately understand the emotions and feelings in each photo captured of a mother embracing her daughter or son.

Bethany Sams of Bethany Sams Photography shared with us how her experience as a mother allows her to capture the beauty of other families. This Mother’s Day, and every day, we honor all mothers for the sacrifices and love you give your families each day.

How has your personal experience as a mother helped shape you into the photographer you are?

As a mother of 4, I am well acquainted with the ebb and flow of the joys and frustrations of
motherhood. It’s a delicate mix of pressing in and letting go, finding beauty and tenderness in
strength and weakness. In seasons of motherhood that stretch us (both emotionally and
physically, ha!), it’s hard to see the beauty, but it IS there, and I love showing mothers. If you’ve
looked at my work at all, you’ll see quickly that I am completely drawn to photographing the
beauty in motherhood. Becoming a mother is what drew me into photography in the beginning,
and it still fuels my passion today.

Because of my own experience, I am intimately aware of the moments that make a mother’s
memory flood with emotion and this is why I think most of my clients relate and feel comfortable with me. I’m very much an observer in my work, both personally and with clients and I love seeing things unfold just through the art of observation. I’m acutely attentive to the way that a child touches his mother’s arm or runs his fingers through her hair because these are moments that I have tried to close my eyes and breathe in slowly in my own life. Tucking these memories safely away to remember the sound of my child’s laughter as they bury their face in my shoulder, the feel of my son’s hand in mine as we walk through the woods or running my hands through my daughters hair as she lays in my lap. These are some of the sweetest times in life and I want to treasure them for myself and for my clients. It is truly what brings me the most joy in my work.

Bethany Sams

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