Top Pic of the Week: Donte Brown

Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Donte Brown! Using his Canon 6D and Sigma 50mm  1.4 he captured these photos of Samuel.

I’ve been photographing for 4 years and it all started right before I got in college and realized I actually had a skill in it. It made me so happy that I just kept going & going.

This was shot at Peachtree Hills Park in Buckhead, Georgia. I use manual for everything now and luckily it was very cloudy and rainy that day, so all of the sunlight was even. I use photoshop for mostly everything, including color toning and retouching.

Every time I go into a shoot I create a story for the model to follow and that’s how all the magic happens. Fall completely and utterly in love with the person you are photographing. When you’re in love with someone you want the best for them.

Instagram and Pinterest are my main source of inspiration. They always keep me up to date on my favorites and the people that I aspire to be like in the industry. This may sound cliche but shoot with heart, not with yours. Everyone sees the same thing but not everyone stands and loves the same way. That’s what will make you different.

Thank you, Donte, for allowing us to share these photos! Check out more of his photography on his website and social media channels @dontemaurice. 

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