Filmstock 2023: A Celebration of Analog Photography in Atlanta

Check out the highlights from Filmstock ATL 2023

We just wrapped up our fantastic three-day Filmstock 2023 event in Atlanta, and it was a blast! This event was all about bringing photographers together — especially those who love film photography — to connect, network, and share their insights. Set in the vibrant creative hub of Atlanta, Filmstock brought together creative minds in a truly inspiring atmosphere that both celebrated photography and introduced the local creative community to KEH. We also forged invaluable partnerships with none other than The Darkroom Lab and Beers And Cameras. Hopefully, this will be the start of more collaborations for years to come. 

From our stellar lineup of special guests and passionate attendees to the tailor-made experiences meant to captivate and invigorate photographers of all levels, Filmstock 2023 was truly something to behold. Allow us to take you on a whirlwind tour of the highlights:

KEH Tour 

Our special guests embarked on an exclusive journey through the inner workings of KEH’s facilities, gaining an insider’s perspective on the entire process, from gear acquisition to sales. The crown jewel of the tour was an elite visit to The Vault, a treasure trove showcasing rare and premium cameras and lenses. 

Cam Kirk Studios Experience

Guests were also treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic Cam Kirk Studios and the  Omar Mitchell Gallery. Cam Kirk Studios is a sanctuary for Atlanta’s creative souls, offering a sanctuary to hone their craft, showcase their talents, and forge connections. Adding to the excitement, we had the privilege of hosting a photography session featuring the stunning Brooklen Wilkes, where attendees harnessed the studio’s impressive backdrops, lighting, and other tools. This event was all about fostering networking and learning in a creatively charged atmosphere.

Beers And Camera at Monday Night Brewing and BrewDog ATL 

We hosted two Beers And Cameras events: one at Monday Night Brewing in West Midtown and the other at BrewDog ATL. Creatives from all walks of life came together for a public event filled with networking and camaraderie over drinks and delicious food. Attendees enjoyed raffles and giveaways while sharing their mutual appreciation for creativity.

Beltline Photo Walk 

Filmstock 2023 also organized a public photo walk along the ATL Beltline, where participants could take pictures and connect with others who love photography. Stops at intriguing spots facilitated photography, interaction, and connection among attendees.

Filmstock 2023 was a spellbinding, unforgettable ode to analog photography and the boundless creativity in Atlanta. It was an opportunity for photographers and creatives to unite, glean wisdom from the industry’s most influential, and forge lifelong friendships. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our extraordinary special guests: Paul Baldonado, Matt Day, Mike Gray, Caleb Knueven, Jason Kummerfeldt, Sissi Lu, Jonathan Paragas, Taylor Pendleton, and Beatriz Valim.

As the event continues to grow, we can’t wait to see what Filmstock has in store for us next year!

Photography by Luca Eandi, John Loudermilk, Jeremy Perry, and Caela Smith.

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