What is an L-bracket?

Adding accessories to your camera kit can really make a world of difference in the way you create.

For example, the right bag or case can keep your gear safe in transport while adding a bit of flair to your ensemble. The right lens filters can produce certain image effects, or the right tripod can open up a whole realm of possibilities for longer shutter speeds. Don’t even get me started on what some additional lighting can do for you.

One particular accessory we run into a lot is called an L-bracket. Even some seasoned photographers who have been creating for years may not have run across this useful tool in their gear journey. No, these aren’t used to hold up your wall shelves, although it’s possible that no one has tried yet.

So what is it?

An L-bracket is a rugged way to add some extra functionality to your camera kit. Doubling as both a protective shell and a way to better utilize your tripod or monopod, this allows you to easily flip your camera from landscape mode to portrait mode and back again quickly on an Arca-swiss compatible tripod.

Sure, some tripods have heads that flip over onto their side to offer a similar operation, but that can be cumbersome if you’re using a particularly heavy lens. An L-bracket gives you the option to rotate the camera while keeping its center of gravity in the same spot, preventing your setup from going off-balance.

By screwing into the tripod mount at the bottom, an L-bracket fastens itself tightly to your camera body. Many of them offer additional locking mechanisms and anti-twist technology that latch onto other areas of the camera as well. The vast majority of these angular add-ons are specially fitted to each model of camera, making them truly customized to your kit.

Here, take a look for yourself.




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