8K Video Mirrorless Camera Showdown– Sony a1 vs Canon R5

It’s been a banner year for us photo & video gear nerds. The pace in which mind-blowingly good digital camera gear is being released is unprecedented. It feels like nearly every couple of months, there is a new flagship camera being released that has every possible feature you could ask for and more.

However, with such incredible pro-level gear comes a hefty price tag. How can you be sure that the stunning camera you’re thinking of buying is the better choice over the other brand’s stunning camera? Brand loyalty and lens options aside, each flagship model has its own strengths and downfalls.

Enter the Canon R5 and the Sony a1. These two cameras are some of the newest, top-level models available for hybrid shooters looking for it all in one package. Our pals Tony & Chelsea Northrup took the time to deep dive into each model and compare the results head-to-head so you know which one is best for you.

Take a look at what they found in this dual-camera review and faceoff.

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